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  Mary Poppins

"In the performance that I attended, Mary Poppins was performed by Sarah Bakker, who in my opinion was perfectly cast, portraying the character with  exquisite elegance."

"Bakker is as prim and proper (and quirky) a Poppins as I could ever have imagined."

"Verity Hunt-Ballard was off the afternoon I saw Mary Poppins and as sensational as I’m sure she is in the title role, I can’t say I was disappointed – her understudy Sarah Bakker plays a simply divine Mary Poppins."      

"Providing the sugar to Velma’s spice is Roxie Hart (the statuesque Sarah Bakker standing in for Sharon Millerchip). For someone who was in primary school the last time Chicago was in town, Bakker sails through the show like a pro".

 Roxie Hart
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